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Around the year 830AD, the Tang ship travelled through the Middle-East to China. There, once arrived, the crew loaded the ship up with porcelain and stoneware. They filled the ship with some of the most lovely pots, bowls, mirrors; and saucers. Once at sea, the captain decided to make a detour, but then struck a reef. The ship, her crew, and her cargo all sank to the bottom of the Java sea, where they were left undisturbed until 1998.

Around 11 centuries later, a portion of the lost ship is available to see in Leeuwarden. The exhibition ‘Sunken Treasures‘ will show ceramics and other objects that were found on board eight separate ship-wrecks. These objects are hundreds of years old, and came from such diverse places as Korea, Singapore, and Paris to the Princessehof Ceramics Museum, where they can be viewed from the 7th September. Dive into the stories of seafarers, and discover the Maritime Silk route!

The Princessehof will present the exhibition Sunken Treasures from 7 September 2019 to 28 June 2020. The exhibition features ceramics and other objects found aboard eight shipwrecks dating from the ninth to the nineteenth century. The ceramic treasures tell fascinating stories about the Maritime Silk Road in Asia and reveal a hitherto unknown world of international trade and exchange.

Exhibition: Sunken Treasures

7th September to 28th June 2020

Princessehof Ceramics Museum Leeuwarden

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