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You’ve chosen a good time to visit us, because the atmosphere is great and we’re feeling fantastic. We’re still buzzing from 2018, the year in which Leeuwarden and Friesland were the European Capital of Culture.

It was a fantastic and successful year with a packed programme – from a gigantic international spectacle through the centre of Leeuwarden to moving initiatives in the villages. Artists and visitors from all over the world travelled through Friesland to contribute to or just enjoy all the beauty.

Never before did the province experience being the centre of attention this way, have we looked so much across the borders and did we receive so many international guests. We learned a lot from each other, but we have also learned a lot about ourselves as Frisian society. Now we know we can organise something. And that doesn’t just include a great programme packed with events and festivities, but also the movement that has been started.

Culture as a means

The Capital of Culture was and is much more than culture alone, for example culture as a driving force behind ecology, economy, entrepreneurship and the European connection. Tapping into and promoting local, national and international talent and collaborations remains important.

Because we want to pass on a beautiful, strong and healthy Friesland to the coming generations, where we live, work and successfully do business. Looking outwards and proud of our environment and our culture.


That’s why Leeuwarden-Friesland 2028 is now working towards the year 2028. In the decade after the magical Capital of Culture year, we will establish an extensive programme that we’ll use to show ourselves to the outside world and continue working on our objectives. Visitors, local, national and international artists are invited to get involved in this. We’re working together for a bright future for new generations.

It’s great that you’re here!

In Friesland, you can once again enjoy a wide variety of events and activities that will stimulate, get you thinking, celebrate, build our future and, above all, enable you to see and hear wonderful things. We are very glad you’re here to experience this.

Enjoy and come again. Because we are just getting started!

Deel dit verhaal

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